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*** NetLo0n Alert *** Re: Does it have to be Microsoft?
"Ivan", thou seven-chinned louse of a lazar. O you beast, o faithless coward, o dishonest wretch. Wilt thou be made a man out of my vice. Ye radiated: As everyone can see, there are some here that are poorly informed, but who would like to know more ... and, on the other hand, there are some wou are too po... 17 Jan 2010 05:07
Ping Ezekiel
"Snit", thou hell-hated gilded loam. There's many a man hath more hair than wit. Ye maundered: Rick stated in post W96dnacD99f0V8zWnZ2dnUVZ_vdi4p2d(a) on 1/16/10 7:17 AM: Hey, Kindergarten Boy... Did you want to ask me a question? What odd trolling from you. This is not your norm. ... 16 Jan 2010 12:48
Debian - stable vs testing vs backports
Hello! I have an Eee PC 1001HA netbook. It is currently running Eeebuntu, which is, as the name suggests, an Eee-specific Ubuntu variant. It's particularly flaky - if you update packages, you get massive breakage caused by mismatches between the Eeebuntu stuff and the Ubuntu stuff, as well as the normal leve... 16 Jan 2010 16:08
Is what I am having a panic attack?
I have been keeping it to myself and I don't want to be in all the gossip in the newsgroup. I am feeling very very confused and would really like you to shut up about it. ... 16 Jan 2010 09:31
"Mr Pounder", thou nauseating arrant a knave as any. Thou bawd, thou broker, thou all changing word. Ye execrated: I have been using Auslogics Disk Defrag for quite a while. It seems to be okay and is faster than the XP one. Also has an optimiser. Does anybody know which is the better application? St... 18 Jan 2010 09:45
A Look at Fluxbox and Why Having Many Window
TomB <tommy.bongaerts(a)> wrote: On 2010-01-16, the following emerged from the brain of Chris Ahlstrom: This is my Fluxbox. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My Fluxbox is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my Fluxbox is use... 16 Jan 2010 09:31
off topic: oce prisma access ipp printing
"koen", thou puny want-wit. Thou whoreson zed, thou unnecessary letter. Ye huddled: Bad news this week. My school is switching to a propriatary solution for document printing: oce prisma access. I was told that it should be as easy as installing an ipp-printer. I was given the ipp-adress and yes the prin... 16 Jan 2010 09:31
am i sick in the head?
"Aardvark", thou tottering tedious fool. Go rate thy minions, proud insulting boy. Ye apple-polished: On Sat, 16 Jan 2010 09:35:38 +0545, Aardvark wrote: So then it's a good thing I don't get possessed very often? You seem to be having a lot of fun these days. Who? Me? ... 16 Jan 2010 09:31
Troll-Free COLA Stats: Saturday the 16th of January, 2010.
"Peter Köhlmann", thou unemployed young fry of treachery. Thou excels thy brother for a coward, yet thy brother is reputed one of the best there is. In a retreat, he outruns any lackey. Ye oozed: Kadaitcha Man wrote: "[H]omer", thou onion-eyed bosom black as death. Thou speaketh an infinite deal of n... 16 Jan 2010 09:30
SmartBooks - Small Power Advantage - Performance Disadvantage?
"Ezekiel", thou currish sly divel. A new Gorgon doth destroy my sight. Ye quibbled: The Kindle is very readable in sunlight (better than indoors) And if you happen to be blind? ... 16 Jan 2010 11:42
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