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drug-induced anxiety
A lot of people think that's a problem, but who knows, I might get hit by a bus tomorrow. The 'rest of my life' might not be that long. ... 10 Jan 2010 08:34
Mouse prob
Mouse axes have flipped so I have to hold the mouse at 90 degrees to normal. Tried using the following in the mouse inputdevice stanza of /etc/X11/xorg.conf: Option "FlipXY" 1 Also tried Option "FlipXY" "true" Neither of these worked. Yes, I restarted gdm after changing xorg.conf with: /etc/init.... 10 Jan 2010 13:00
Beware of software auditors in a recession
In article <No32n.24084$Ym4.11961(a)>, 7 says... All the excuses don't compare with rock steady cost saving Linux. <snigger> Linux - free if your time is worthless. If Linux is so good, how come Windows 7 got 5 times the market share in 1/40th the time it took Linux to get to 1%?... 11 Jan 2010 09:46
fedora 12 install woes
The HDD on my test PC gave up this seek so I have been installing a bunch of distros used for testing. All went well except for trying to install Fedora 12 (x86 version). I used the very same Live CD that I had previously used for 2 installs, which allows me to do an install to HDD but in both cases it reports ... 26 Jan 2010 18:57
Getting screen resolution from a script
I'm now regularly working over two or three different machines, each with different sized displays... I've got the twin-headed desktop, with largish monitors, the laptop, and now the netbook with a 1024x600 display. I have a few custom scripts for displaying things - particularly A4 or A5 dvi files, or selecting... 10 Jan 2010 11:54
app or script to write large files to mutiple dvds or isos
Hi folks... I've been looking unsuccessfully for a half-decent app/script/hack to write large amounts of data to multiple dvd's.. I've got dar which can do the job but I just want the raw data written as iso9660/vfat not in archive format. I'm sure someone already wrote something like this and/or got brainf... 6 Jan 2010 09:37
Sabre: ARM computer reference released
In <1g64k5d7it8gt7c1moenstmu7f85qrqnu2(a)>, Dave Farrance <DaveFarrance(a)> wrote: Note that there will be no *point* in Microsoft hastily putting together a version of Windows for Sabre, as they once did for PowerPC-based computers, because Sabre still wouldn't run "industry st... 6 Jan 2010 09:36
Installation proglem
I have a old Sony PCG-FX103 (but it says PCG954C on the label) And have tried to install Ubuntu without success. It is currently running Windows XP. I get the 'Language' screen then nothing. The CD/DVD drive is reading and there is some HD activity but nothing else. Any ideas please? -- Dystopia ... 10 Jan 2010 13:00
HP refund on pre-installed Windows
Ivor Jones wrote: On 21/11/09 02:08, Mark Hobley wrote: Big and Blue<No_4(a)> wrote: What about starting with the local trading standards office? I would definitely follow that up. People often require a Hewlett Packard based machine, but not a Microsoft Windows based operating ... 6 Jan 2010 12:00
KDE 4 + xpra = ?
Anybody using KDE4 apps with xpra? I tried it with ktorrent, but it segfaults after a while. -- <> (AIM:troffasky) (UnSoEsNpEaTm(a) 19:13:26 up 25 days, 23:07, 8 users, load average: 5.72, 2.84, 1.21 DIMENSION-CONTROLLING FORT DOH HAS NOW BEEN DEMOLISHED, AND TIME STARTED FLOWING REV... 23 Dec 2009 15:11
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