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How to prevent windows xp from installing a device driver automatically?
Hi, How to prevent windows xp from installing a device driver automatically? Every time I plug my phone it installs the latest driver but I want to be able to install an old driver for it instead. Some of my test a repair equipments I used to test these phones are not working with the new driver. Thank you ... 8 Aug 2010 08:00
explorer crashing when I change to thumbnail
Every time I change one particular folder to thumnail view on my ahrd drive, explorer crashes and I get an error. I have screenshots if that will help anyone. This all started after I did a Windows update and I'm a little tired of having to go onto another computer in the network to view files. I'm afraid to mo... 13 Aug 2010 02:46
Color box under desktop icons
After years of not having only the text under the icons on the desk top I now have a box with a solid color behind the text. I tried right clicking the desk top ad going to properties >appearance >advanced but I can't find away to remove the color box. Thanks for the help ... 6 Aug 2010 23:40
restore point
This is not a new problem for me. My computer makes a restore point every day, but the few times over the past year i have tried to go back to a restore point the computer appears to go through all the steps but then gives me a message that it can not be restored to try a different restore point. Howeve... 7 Aug 2010 16:56
There is a very good chance that you are seeing the effects of a hijackware infection! NB: If you had no anti-virus application installed or the subscription had expired *when the machine first got infected* and/or your subscription has since expired and/or the machine's not been kept fully-patched at Windows ... 11 Aug 2010 21:24
sp3 install/uninstall problem
Hi all I need to revert back to ie6 from ie7 but have to uninstall sp3 first. Here is my problem Winver and add or remove programs both tell me that SP3 is installed, but when I attempt to uninstall SP3 the computer tells me it cannot be unnstalled because it is NOT INSTALLED. Appreciate any helpful response. ... 9 Aug 2010 19:03
Newsgroup servers
What are some newsgroup servers I can add. Maybe one with a newsgroup for Outlook Express. ... 9 Aug 2010 09:01
Standby Mode Recovery
Hi, Running XP SP3 pro on a Dell Latitude, I'm unable to recover my computer from standby, I have to shut it down using the power button everytime. Help appreciated Thanks... 7 Aug 2010 11:29
atm skimmers for sale (custom made)
*Beware of swindlers and follow us here: *'**' ( -- hunterrippers ... 6 Aug 2010 16:01
Taskbar Icon Blinker
Hello, I had a very important question. Lets say (as an example)I am on Yahoo Messenger and I leave a conversation idle and the person is still talking to me, the window blinks when it is minimized in the do I turn off the setting that makes the conversation to blink because I do not want that an... 6 Aug 2010 16:01
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