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... 4 Mar 2010 18:06
Urgent Network Issues
Hello, around last month we started to lose lan connections to our NAS. We wanted to replace it anyways since it was old and did not have encryption. So we moved the data to the boses machine and we have still experienced lan drop out so here is a list of what has been tried and replaced. 1. router repla... 9 Mar 2010 02:24
Does anyone know where a ARRIS touchstone WTM552g can be purchased? Thanks, Rick ... 3 Mar 2010 23:07
Do wireless routers wear out?
I use the following equipment successfully in my own house to get strong wireless coverage throughtout my entire home. I use Powerline adapters to run ethernet over my AC power grid: I have spread out 3 Netgear WTG-604 access p... 8 Mar 2010 05:20
wlanapi dll in Win XP x64
I have an application that uses wlanapi and works fine in Win7 32bit/64bit and XP 32bit (SP3) However it crashes on XP 64bit (with SP2. there is no sp3 for x64). I've tried running it as a 32bit app on Wow64. I also tried building the app in 64bit and running in 64bit mode and still see the crash (fileformat ... 2 Mar 2010 12:25
Command or Script
Greetings; I have a very specific question... I am using Windows 7 Ultimate and I need either a command or a script to open the "Available Wireless Networks" menu. This would be the menu you see when you click on the wireless icon on the system tray. It has to be either a script or the command for it. I hav... 28 Feb 2010 13:22
Wireless zero configuration
I have been trying to install a DLinik wireless card, have downloaded the latest drivers and I keep getting the message that windows cannot cofigure and start the WZC. It does not exist on my computer. I search in services, not there, and there is never a box to check or uncheck to use it or not. I am stuck and... 4 Mar 2010 18:06
"Acquiring Network Address"
Hello, We're talking about two Windows XP machines, one a Sony Vaio laptop, the other a MacBook, running boot camp. Both have all service packs installed, all current patches and updates installed. Both are carefully checked for malware. Both of them connect to the internet via my WiFi router. I recently up... 3 Mar 2010 22:01
I was wondering what the difference in security between these two protocols is: WPA-NONE and WEP. I have a local area network that shares internet connection from a cable modem on a desktop computer via a PCI wireless adapter. It works pretty well but from reading on the internet I learnt the security I am using... 28 Feb 2010 06:43
Standby, wireless and nuisance warnings.
An annoyance I find with wireless networking is that if the computer is put into standby, on resume it will take a few seconds for the WLAN to re-establish itself. That shouldn't be an issue , except that the timeout on some network connections seems to be far shorter, in the order of a fraction of a second. ... 28 Feb 2010 05:38
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