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Unable to get file - VS
I have been working in VS 2008 for months on some web sites on our intranet server. Today I am getting the error Unable to get the file 'PayrollMain.aspx' from the Web server. when I try to open some pages in subfolders on a web site. This does not happen on all folders, only some. For example, I have a fo... 14 Jan 2010 11:19
XML serialization(SOAP)
Hello! I'm reading in a book and it says the following about XML Serialization: - Support only limited data types - Is portable to other languages, notably Java Now to my question if it only support a limited data type how is that solved ? I mean if I use web services then all data is serialized using XML ac... 13 Jan 2010 09:50
Free ASP.NET MVC paging component
I wrote a free mvc paging component (should it be called "control"?) called MvcPager, it supports 3 paging mode:standard url paging,default Ajax paging and jQuery Ajax paging. The paging implementation was inspired by Scottgu's PagedList<T> idea. You can view online demo and download it from http://en.w... 12 Jan 2010 20:48
Batch execution is terminated
Hi, Recently I started receiving error "Batch execution is terminated because of debugger request." This is an SqlException error and occures during the login process, when the user's credentials are about to be checked. I don't know if it has something to do with the fact, that I created AspMembership "... 12 Jan 2010 16:20
AJAX UpdatePanel lost focus
Hi There, I'm writing web application VB VS2008 with ajax. My page has user control and textboxes. I group the textbox together and have 3 <asp:updatePanel ... updatemode="Conditional"> each group has about 6 textboxes each textboxes has AutoPostBack=true when I go to the third textbox with focus on, I cannot ... 18 Jan 2010 02:07
Scheduled ASP.NET Task
I'm trying to write a piece of code that executes a task every n hours (retrieving data via a Web Service). I checked the web and I found this solution: It seems to be very simple, but I have a couple of doubts. Can somebody... 12 Jan 2010 12:58
Auto Refresh gridview
Records are added regularly and gridview shows them. now i use ajax updatepanel to refresh gridview from time to time. i do not wish to refresh the whole gridview is it possible to do when there is new record, then new record is put on the top of gridview table just like hotmail it looks more professi... 12 Jan 2010 08:14
Unique browser ID
Is there a way to retrieve a unique identifier for a client browser instance, from within an ASP.NET page? I would like to identify a specific browser on a specific machine. I can determine the machine's IP address, but I don't know how to retrieve a unique browser ID (i.e. PID). ... 12 Jan 2010 17:28
ReportView + SQLDataSource (dinamically defined)
hi all! I'm trying to link a SQLDataSource to a Reportview dinamically in this way: in Print.aspx I set <rsweb:ReportViewer ID="RptViewFoo" runat="server" Font-Names="Verdana" Font-Size="8pt" Height="400px" Width="966px"> <LocalReport ReportPath="Print\Foo.rdlc"> <DataSources> <rsweb:ReportDa... 15 Jan 2010 12:44
closing parent window and child window
I have a masterpage that has a linkbutton on it for logging out (or closing the window), so it is the same on all pages associated with the masterpage. The parent page is not opened using javascript. The child windows are using javascript. Below is the javascript function and the linkbutton for the logout. ... 10 Jan 2010 08:34
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