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IP Cameras for Security and Remote Viewing?
Which of the two IP camera below would you say was better and why? Or is there anything else you would recommend at this price range? <�250.00. I tried to list a few plus points for each cam but still find it difficult to choose between the two. I think the Panasonic is seeming like good value, but the Axis has the... 10 Mar 2010 17:32
strange folders on disc
Hello! I have noticed some strange folders on my usb harddrive Some of these folders cannot be deleted. One of them named: "9b2529692949a1396c06b567" has subfolders 1025 1028 1029 ..... 2070 3076 3082 Every of these folders contains files: "eula.rtf" and "HotFixInstallerUI.dll" The subfolder "1... 9 Mar 2010 18:03
Tips to Speed up Your Windows 7 Experience
Windows 7 is great buy. "It’s every feature is awe-inspiring," you have just read or heard this but cannot actually enjoy cool traits of the operating system, as an unawareness regarding latest functions is not letting you enjoy it, the way you want to. Now check cool tricks and tips, which would let you enjoy the ... 8 Mar 2010 07:28
Restore Computer
I am getting the blue screen every so often so I need to restore my PC to its original state. I've saved my pics and docs already. How can I save my email (sent messages, folders, etc)? I am using Windows mail ver. 6 on a Vista PC. Thank You ... 7 Mar 2010 16:14
RAM question/redux
Change of plans: We ARE going to Vegas tomorrow (150 miles), so will go to Fry's and look. Will plead my case on the $70 package with the $35 rebate and see if they will give them to me at that price. Thanks so much for your help. I am new to this group, and I complement you on your helping me. So many new... 4 Mar 2010 12:18
MP3 Player to RCA jacks
I have an old heavy huge brand name stereo amplifier and some BIG speakers. It is the type from the sixties and seventies used to play vinyl records. I want to hook it up to either a computer or MP3 player and use it for a juke box, playing randomly. What type of interface do I need to go from the player to R... 5 Mar 2010 15:02
RAM question
New to group, so go easy if I ask a simple question I have a HP computer with XP SP3. AMD Athlon xp3200+ 2.2 ghz processor speed, 448 mb DDR RAM I run IE8, new to do so, as I was getting messages that the old ones would be phased out March 13. I have been advised by my computer guy to bump up the RAM to 2... 5 Mar 2010 13:54
Is it possible to read a discussion group on computer?
I'm asking b/c I'm getting a computer and need to know how I can read some of the discussion groups I'm read all the time that I do on msntv. Pam-Doggirl3 ... 4 Mar 2010 13:27
language packs for word 2000?
How do you install chinese character sets for word 2000? Can it be done online somehow? I used to have it installed on my system but now when I open a document with chinese characters it doesn't show them just square blocks. ... 2 Mar 2010 16:55
a router question from a puter dummy
Have high speed internet. Have a 3gbsdram. And I have a router that is a g. Would I benefit as far as computer speed on the net with a router that is an n router. Also even though the computer says 802.11 a/go/n wireless I still would have to buy the the adapter that goes into the notebook? I know nothing about r... 2 Mar 2010 12:20
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