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Windows 7 versions, upgrades, installation options?
G'day mates, I saw some reasonable prices for the assorted Win 7 versions the other day and wondered if it's worth buying. Questions: 1. Do the various upgrade versions permit upgrading from XP? If so, has anyone who's done it been happy with the result and do they have any advice on the process re "got... 2 Feb 2010 14:30
Internet choice adsl or adsl2
I have a choice of ADSL1 or ADSL2 connection ADSL1 1500 ADSL2 will only run at 2000 in this area. So each have about the same speed. So the choice - is there any difference between each? What reason should one have over the other for it to be better? ... 10 Feb 2010 02:18
NetComm modem
Have a NetComm modem NB6+4 ADSL 2+ Modem Router for my internet. However it gets very hot in a very short time, and I find myself turning it off every so often in case it blew up or something. Are most modems like that? Thank you Katherine ... 2 Feb 2010 14:30
Heat sink Q
Intel heat sink 775 pin series of CPU's Has there efficiency decreased or isn't it necessary to have as much cooling. As the fins are now about half height. Comparing the one that came with a P4 2.0 and the Q9400. Can the latest heat sink be used on the older 2,4 or 3.0 CPU's or should I find the correct typ... 26 Jan 2010 02:11
Accessing a shared portable/removable drive as a shared drive in Vista
I have an external HDD unit on a computer running Vista Home Premium. I enabled sharing on it (which was interesting as it's done differently, interface-wise, to XP). I allowed full access to all users. I then tried to copy files from an XP machine to the ext. HDD. But I kept getting messages saying that I don't ... 2 Feb 2010 14:30
Outlook and Facebook - "friends" birthdays being added
Somehow Facebook is able to add friends' birthdays to Outlook's calendar. It's not something that I want cluttering up my calendar (it's bad enough as it is). I can't find any add-in entries that could be doing this. Anyone here familiar with Outlook and this particular issue? If so, how do I stop Facebook add... 27 Jan 2010 16:00
Best free web hosting
Need a free web hosting site for downloads of a 65 MB pdf technical manual. Must have FTP and plenty of download allowance. I see there's lot's out there. Any recommendations? ... 25 Jan 2010 03:56
Cyber Espionage: Death by 1000 Cuts
Google Kick Starts a Real Look at the Problem The recent events surrounding a targeted intrusion at Google have intrigued many and sparked numerous recent debates on a variety of issues. While Shadowserver is familiar with several of the events surrounding this compromise, we are not getting up to the minute up... 20 Jan 2010 08:22
Finding an External IP
I have just clicked on a link off an email news letter from Trip Advisor. Using Firefox browser. here is a link which brings up the trouble shooting box. I get a Firefox message on screen "Server not found Firefox can't find the server at ... 21 Jan 2010 03:27
Re TSRs & IPs
I have solved it. The OP is in the 80s or 90s. What evidence, well he sais the Roddles gave good advice, not conclusive yet? OK. TSRs were used way back when Rod knew everything (except how to grow lettuce). I am going to get in contact with Captain Jack & the Doctor to solve this apparent time vortex. O'Neill ... 20 Jan 2010 02:55
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