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Linking to an executable
Hey, I was wondering if i could make a program in Visual Studio 2008 with a link to an executable (of an application like MS WORD) in it. By pressing a button, the executable must start. But now, i can't find the right code to do so. Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance. Stan ... 2 Feb 2010 17:26
How can i start application before User Logon
I having a project which need to create a kids used application which run prior before user log in. Is there anywhere to do it? And is it possible to disable the combination keys of alt+ctrl+del in vista? -- bing88 ... 3 Feb 2010 14:02
WDS 4.0 and Searching while Typing
I have a system that has Windows XP SP3 with Office 2007 SP2 and WDS 4.0. For some reason the function of searching while typing when using the advanced search in Outlook has stopped working. The only way to get the search to start is to click in the magnifing glass. I have not tried to do a repair of Office... 2 Feb 2010 17:26
Where to send suspect E-mails
I used to have an e-mail address to send suspect e-mails to but I don't seem to have it any more. Am I remembering correctly or isn't there such a place. I'm afraid to open it but afraid not to too as it could be important if it is legit. Hope this is a place to get an answer. ... 27 Jan 2010 04:52
Sql server2005
Am trying to install SQL service pack 2 (Kb960089) ans it wont install. I need getting error message 80070050 or error code 733 F. I keep trying to install but each time it fails. Have been tryng to update this for mths...anyone any suggestions?? -- cb ... 26 Jan 2010 10:57
How to get USB drive real serial number without WMI?
Hi all, i'd like to know how to get the serial number of a USB drive without using WMI. Possibly the one that doesn't change when you format your drive. Thanks in advance ... 27 Jan 2010 08:08
Problem with Streets and Trips 2010 sending to GPS
I have a Garmin Nuvi 750. I connect it to the PC with a USB cable, and the icon on the Garmin that shows it is connected to the PC comes up. But when I go to S&T and try to click on the Send to GPS link, it is grayed out. What am I doing wrong? ... 24 Jan 2010 15:51
Using SOAP Request in Application VB Express
I have a friend who gave me access to his web service, he sent me a .wsdl and a .xsd file that he said I can incorporate my VB project. I can use these files to enter a serial number of a cell phone and get the repair status that he maintains. I know this is all soap but how do I declare the files and start my re... 23 Jan 2010 12:05
Detecting when parent is about to change
Is there a way to detect when the parent of a control is about to change? I am aware of the ParentChanged event but that happens too late. I don't see any ParentChanging event. Thanks, Mike ... 24 Jan 2010 20:22
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