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Word Shutdown
When I open a MSWord document and then close it I get the following message after the document is closed. "MicroSoft has stopped working. Then it goes through the "looking for a solution" process which closes out and then nothing. Comments? ... 13 Jan 2010 08:43
Maximized view only
I can only view different windows and applications in the maximized view only. When I click on the restore down button the window disappears completly. ... 10 Jan 2010 01:04
How to Retrieve Install Serial Number
Hi All, No - I'm not after a serial number to crack VS2008. I have a legit copy already working. What I want to know is whether I can get hold of the Serial Number that I can force a user to enter during setup (Customer Information screen on standard VS installer) from within my application, so that I can p... 11 Jan 2010 13:08
importing outlook contacts from different computer hard drive
hi my wifes computer's mother board failed and i saved her hard drive and installed it as a slave in a new machine. both hard drives have office 2007 enterprise installed. my question is why can't i see her contacts and downloaded emails so that i can transfer them to the new drive? I have searched for a pst f... 7 Jan 2010 12:26
Casting and iteration in object of type object
Hi I have a function in a dll that returns an object which I need to get somes items as follows public object[] CreateFacts(RuleSetInfo ruleSetInfo) { XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument(); //Loading the XML from xml file to be tested against rule. doc.Load(@_xmlDocToB... 8 Jan 2010 13:57
Flexera InstallShield: Read Before You Buy!
Dear Group, I want to share my experience with InstallShield with everybody on this group. Everybody should know what I have been going through before buying InstallShield. I purchased this product almost exactly one month ago. On good faith. InstallShield is the world leader in installers, right? What can go ... 13 Jan 2010 14:22
Google developers kicking our @sses again. Look at this...
Google has implemented integration with Twitter feeds in an iFrame returned with search results. search: ces 2010 Observe the 5th or so result "Latest results for ces 2010- Pause" and see why these guys are clearly becoming the most advanced and sophisticated developers on the planet when it comes to innova... 11 Jan 2010 13:08
Menu Control dynamic items always white
I have tried EVERYTHING and read tons of posts on this topic. If I created a menu control that has 1 level of static items and then some items have dynamic items under it. In IE8 when the dynamic menu items show as the mouse passes over it, the entire popup is white background. I have tried different fonts, colors,... 6 Jan 2010 12:01
Can I check for duplicate content as I fill in a product name in e
I am entering hundreds of product titles in excel and want to be sure I am not listing the same product twice. Can excel check this as I typy the information in a cell? ... 6 Jan 2010 09:47
Sonic Record problem
I selected a number of folders to copy to disc using sonic record now. When I clicked on burn I got a message "Please insert an appendable data disc and try again". I tried a couple of different discs, but both caused the same response. I haven't had this problem when I have burned discs before. My OS is xp h... 6 Jan 2010 09:47
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