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Delete not working in Access 2007
I have been running a Acess 2007 database on a server for about 15 months, and now I want to delete certain records form it using the cmdDelete button which has this code behind it: Private Sub cmdDelete_Click() On Error GoTo Err_cmdDelete_Click Select Case MsgBox("Are you ure you want to delete this recor... 3 May 2010 08:45
After Event to automatically fill
Hi I have a form for inputting data to a table that does as follows: Combo44 SELECT tblseason.seasonfld FROM tblseason GROUP BY tblseason.seasonfld; After Event: Private Sub Combo44_AfterUpdate() Combo46.Requery End Sub So I can type in a year (EG 1950) and this updates Combo46 with the relevant choices... 3 May 2010 19:51
Access 2007 form won't open?
Hi I have a problem. I created a asset form from asset table and tested it with test data. After that I imported data from Excel and now the form won't open anymore? Any of the views won't open. I've tried to reboot Access. Other forms works normally. ... 2 May 2010 17:36
Allen Browne’s date range vba for more reports
I created an unbound form and used Allen Browne's vba for “Limiting Report to Date Range”. This works nicely. But I want to use this vba to pull two other reports. I could make three command buttons and put the report label name beside them but I don't think I'll like how this looks. I created an option gro... 1 May 2010 23:06
CBO List
Hi, I create combo list that has a list of sports. The combo list table has - hockey - baseball - Bowling - Tennis I don't want to add "all sports" to combo list table. Is there a way to add "all sports" to combo list on the form instead of table. My query has a field called SPORT. If I want to sel... 3 May 2010 14:16
Force user to click on Main Form First??
Hello - Is it possible to force a user to select a field in the Main form prior to inputing any info into the subforms? Or is it possible for the Main form to assign and ID to the record when a user begins filling out the subform? Thanks - Lee - -- Message posted via ... 4 May 2010 17:59
Multiple quotes for same job number using option buttons
Please forgive the repost - I've added additonal information and the original seems to have been forgotten. I don't think the subject was clear anyway. I have a main quote form with subforms for labor, parts and misc parts all tied to a job number with several calculations on the main form from each of the sub... 30 Apr 2010 21:53
Form Formatting
I have a subform (datasheet view) in a form where I want to make one column a different color. I can go into Design view and change the color but it doesn't change in the form view. This form was made ages ago with an automatic format and now I can't get away from the automatic format. Help! ... 30 Apr 2010 14:00
Change form size
I'm having a hard time naming what it is that I want to do so hopefully this will make sense. I have a form that has a logo and two command buttons that take the user to two different forms. I learned how to get this form to open automatically when I open the database but I want it to appear as a box in the c... 30 Apr 2010 16:19
Form doesn't move to next record after update
I have a main form with lots of data and a "time-stamp" (TS) field. There is a popup form with more data on it that is Parent-child linked to the main form. When ANY field is modified (pop-up or main form), I have an "After-update" event that updates the TS. My problem is that once the TS update occurrs, I can'... 30 Apr 2010 14:00
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