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Is Image Composer a utility in Mircosoft FrontPage?
Is Image Composer a utility in Mircosoft FrontPage? if so, how do i access it? ... 19 Jan 2010 09:03
FP 2002 screwing up title, body multiple times
I don't know what happened to the program. About a year or so ago it started screwing up. If I change the theme, it adds multiple <body> in the html. It will put the main information on the site into a sidebar and it disappears from editing. I have to copy the main information, delete all the extra <body> tags ... 19 Jan 2010 05:46
Expression web V Dreamwever
What does Dreamweaver do that Expressionweb cannot - o vice versa? I must chage from Frontpage and update my website - not sure what to do - I need a programm that will allow me to use data bases, JacquieCC ... 19 Jan 2010 01:26
I have been using this piece of script in forms, and just tweaking it when needed. I have created an edit.asp page. This being database results, not quite sure how to tweak. <script type="text/javascript"> function calcinc() { with (document.FrontPage_Form1) { DashNumber.value = +DashNumber.value + +... 22 Jan 2010 15:14
如何找到未儲存的msn 對話?
Hello 你好: 我想請教一下假設我在2008年才開始設定儲存對話 , 那是否有辦法在網路上抓到我跟朋友2007年未儲存的對話嗎? 我很想找出來2007年開始對話的紀錄 因為很珍貴 不知你是否有方法呢? 謝謝你! my name is Tina ... 19 Jan 2010 02:31
Pictures - for Google Indexing
Hello, I will 'soon' ad some pictures (I haven't added them yet) to my FP site that I would like to be indexed/searchable by google. I've read a little about tags. I am a TOTAL beginner in html, and I do not know my way around the code view page at all. I would really appreciate a step by step instruction pl... 17 Jan 2010 20:39
Win 7 does not allow to save new pages
When you try to save a new page, it appears a message "not enough memory available to complete the operation". I have tons of memory. Also, when you try to insert a picture, the insert window appears for one or 2 seconds and desappears not acceting to insert anything. Any one with a solution? ... 17 Jan 2010 18:26
Is My site too slow?
Hello, I have just put up 6 sites. I have used MS FP to do this. I have a very fast internet connection of 21Mb/s (3 sec page load) But i suspect my readers may have a long time for pageloads. According to the FP stats .... dial 56kb/s (2.5 min page load) 128 (1 min page load) 216 (33 sec page load) 5... 18 Jan 2010 23:16
Passing Variables...
I have a results page which shows all records. I have added a link in an empty column that when clicked will send just this record to another page with a results section on it on displaying that record. Any assist would be appreciated. Thanks David ... 18 Jan 2010 12:02
Downloading Entire Webpage
THANK YOU!!! It took a little while I had to pen the file with full address HTTP:// Then published toa file on my desktop. GREAT HELP The idiots at network solutions did nto knwo how to do it. The import procedure di not work. The file downlaoded from them with asecond tech in teh Ph... 15 Jan 2010 18:21
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