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Windows 7 settings to use webdav with Frontpage
Doing a little Googling about WEBDAV problems with Vista and Windows 7 brings up what people say are a variety of problems. To get WEBDAV with Frontpage 2003 to work on a Windows 7 or Windows Vista machine out of the box, are there any additional steps that need to be taken? Anything registry changes or any c... 21 Jan 2010 05:39
How can I send an HTML file to an associate as stationery?
I created a page to use as stationery in MS Outlook with a company Logo and Picture. I saved it as an HTML file. I then saved that file in C:\ProgramFiles\CommonFiles\MicrosoftShared\Stationery. From my outlook; I then chose this file as my e-mail stationery. I tried to send that saved file to my associate via ... 21 Jan 2010 03:29
Can't Install FrontPage 2003 in Windows 7
I'm trying to install my FrontPage 2003 in Windows 7. This is not an upgrade disk, but the original program I purchased 6 years ago. When I try to install, I get a message that it needs a copy of Microsoft Office 97, 2000 or XP to upgrade. I have none of those. I tried setting the properties of the Setup.EX... 20 Jan 2010 17:27
File doesn't publish changes...
I installed the JWFlash player on my website ( and for some strange reason when I make changes to the player's playlist xml file FP does not recognize it as a modifyed file and will not publish it. I usually have to go in via FTP to update the file. Any ideas why this might be the case? ... 20 Jan 2010 16:19
Share Point Designer / Language Swedish
I have used FrontPage to develope my HomePage. Now I have installed Share Point Designer in a new computer and imported all contents to SPDesigner. Very good, but I am a Swede and use å ä ö Å Ä Ö. Instead for those letters i got percular signs instead . Could anybody help me så I can use it for the Swedish lang... 20 Jan 2010 10:39
Frontpage question
Would you be able to recommend an equivalent (free) to Frontpage? I particularly want the feature and way Frontpage handles documents. It has a 'Document Listing' style where you can view all documents in the directory, say under the Web Directory, on the left side, and when double click on each document und... 20 Jan 2010 15:12
Subtracting Time
Hello, I am subtracting sums of time and in some instances come across a negative number which is displayed with #################. What is a good formula to where if value is a negative number to display "-0" instead of "#"? For example: 31:26 - 49:43. Currently excel dispalys #s...would like to display "-... 19 Jan 2010 16:57
Using Link Bars across sites
Is it possible to use a custom Links Bar across multiple (SharePoint-based) sites that all have the same parent site? I have a bar developed for my parent site but don't seem to be able to assign it to other pages under the same site. Thanks! ... 20 Jan 2010 10:39
I was deleting some files from Access last week that I didn't think I would need...wrong! Now when I want to open a form that I use all of the time, I get the message "The form name "frmMainCampaign" is misspelled or refers to a form that doesn't exist. If the invalid form name is in a macro, an action failed... 19 Jan 2010 13:33
FP 2003 will not play flash in safari or chrome
I have a site published with FP2003 using DWT's to build the pages that I use simple swish slideshows to show our boats On one of the slideshows that I recently added some pics to when I uploaded it to the site it would not play on the site in Safari or Google chrome unless I set the fl... 20 Jan 2010 09:32
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