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frontpage 2000
Can I upgrade to frontpage 2003? Is it free? and where can I do it? Thanks ... 24 Feb 2010 14:18
missing images
FP 2003 /Windows XP3- Missing images of God The images are correctly displayed in my Local web site but absent on the remote site. The following has been performed: [1] Recalculated Hyperlinks. [2] Re-published my local web site to my remote web site , over riding all folders ... 24 Feb 2010 15:26
center floating text box on page
is there a way to center a floating text box on a page so it stays centered no matter what the browser resolution is? Is seems that I can only set absolute position and and want the text box to be centered on the page no matter what resolution or window size. tia, joel ... 24 Feb 2010 04:16
Photo Gallery Properties Empty
On only one of my photo galleries, all of the pictures and text are displaying properly on the website and in Front Page 2003, but when I look at the Photo Gallery Properties, all of the info (pictures, titles, description) is gone. I tried to publish the individual file from a good copy to the bad, but that ... 24 Feb 2010 02:04
Changed servers and now my pictures are not loading
We recently changed servers and up until then all things worked fine. I made a few minor changes to the webpage after the change and all worked well. Now I have made some bigger changes including adding new photos and after publishing I went to check it, the wording changes were made but all the photos I uplo... 24 Feb 2010 15:26
class question...
New to css. I am attempting to setup some different styles. <style type="text/css"> Textbox background for one, p.tbbackground {background-color:#E0E0E0;} Background should be yellow, but nothing happens. I'm sure my formatting is incorrect. Can some take a look. Thanks David ... 22 Feb 2010 11:52
WinINet error (code 12110
Hi, When I try to publish my web pages I get the message: An unknown WinINet error has occurred (code 12110). If I click OK and publish again the error will appear again. If I keep trying publish, OK..... my pages will finally upload. Why do I get this error and how do I resolve the problem? Your help would be... 21 Feb 2010 23:50
Frontape 2003 activation - in 2011
I just bought Frontpage 2003 on Ebay- seller assures me the software has been deleted, but had been activated. I bought FP to use in the future on a new computer that I plan to buy in 2011 - so I do not want to activate the software now, but probably in 2011. Since Microsoft is discontinuing support to FP, 1) w... 23 Feb 2010 06:51
Activation on new computer- in 2011
I bought a used copy of FP on Ebay to use on a computer that I will be buying *next year*. However, I want to make sure that I can activate it later, even though FP has been discontinued. The Ebay seller assures me it has been deleted from her machine, but she did activate it. Should I wait until 2011 (when I b... 22 Feb 2010 05:15
My ISP no longer supports FP extensions. I will have to publish using FTP. When I click on FTP to publish, the remote shows all my websites, instead of just the website I want to publish. How do I publish to just one website? ... 22 Feb 2010 05:15
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