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Resetting Network Settings
I have a small office network set up with 5 wired computers. I am changing my router to a Lynksys RV082 VPN router to allow employees access to our data from home through VPN connection. Before I install the router I would like to reset the network settings of each of the wired computers and then set up a new ... 28 Feb 2010 14:30
Cables not detected
Hi i have a network of five pcs which students distructed and i have changed the hub and all the ethernet cables, now some of the pcs are working but the other two wont connect because the cables are not detected. i notice so by looking at the lights of the corresponding port. what do i need to do to get the et... 27 Feb 2010 16:35
Domain Member PC Cannot Resolve Names
I have a notebook which is a member of a Windows Domain (a private, internal domain not accessible over the internet). I'm currently travelling and working on a home network/wireless router/DSL connection in India. I was able to use the internet (which has notoriously troublesome connectivity in this locale) ... 27 Feb 2010 11:02
I can ping/tracert a PC, but not connect to it in other ways
I have a PC on our corporate domain that is giving us problems with McAfee (imagine that). However, I'm also unable to connect to its registry, map a drive from another PC to it, or connect to its event viewer. I've done many things: - Run the newest version of CCleaner - Run updated MBAM (no malicious softwa... 25 Feb 2010 20:31
Networking Xp and Win 7 computers
I have a small home network setup between 2 Xp cpus and 1 Win 7 cpu I upgraded from Vista - set up just for sharing a printer on one of the XP's. This has worked fine. I just got another Win 7 cpu and need to get it to share this same printer. I notice the Workgroup for the 2 Xp cpus says MSHOME, and the Work... 24 Feb 2010 17:45
Mapped drives fail to reconnect after idle for short period of tim
Workgroup computers with mapped drives fail to reconnect after idle for 10- 15 minutes, I then have to "repair network connection" on the two other computers, and the one I am working on, then everything works fine. The network signal is always strong, internet is working and other rescources on the network are... 23 Feb 2010 22:46
Read Only attribute unremovable ??
Desktop and laptop both on XP Pro SP3. I have Cad and other software on a laptop, and I sometimes use a desktop as a file server. Common peer networking situation, never had a problem before. I've used software on one machine open files on the other (both directions), hundreds of times over several years. ... 23 Feb 2010 01:24
home networking w/ win7 & xp pro
i have the workgroup set up and i can see the win7 computer from the xp pro, but a "no permission" error box when i click the win7 com. i cannot see the xp com from the win7. i am only using windows firewall but have a different anti virus on each com.(if that makes a difference?) anyone in the same boat? or ha... 23 Feb 2010 10:11
Suggestions on problem with dropped internet connection
Starting to have problems with dropped internet connection, sometimes one or twice a week. Right now it�s happened 3 separate times in the last day!! I go through the usual processes of re-powering modem/router, reboot, refresh the network connection, etc. Eventually I get back my connection but never know... 22 Feb 2010 15:19
Can not map network drive
I have a coworker that is trying to map a network drive but he can not. He has other drives mapped and can get access to them. He can get to the drive he needs by typing the path in explorer, but he needs constant access so I need to find out how to get the mapping to work. ... 22 Feb 2010 16:27
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