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How does the tax field work in the transaction template
i am trying to use thetransactions template by access in 2007 but the tax file i dont know how it woks can someone just explain to me what it does and how is working. ... 26 Mar 2010 03:36
Which is better: one or several requeries?
Hi I have created about 30 NotInList events in my database. Is it better to have 30 individual requeries or 1 requery that contains all of them? Thank you ... 26 Mar 2010 12:00
How do I set it up so that the table and form shows 2 decimal
Exactly what I needed. Thank you. "KARL DEWEY" wrote: I tried Fixed, General, Scientific. Open your table in design view and check the properties for your number field to see if it is Number - Long Integer. If so then change to Single or Double. -- Build a little, test a little. ... 25 Mar 2010 23:12
Hey i need some serious help now what i need to build is a parts database i have got some idea how to do this but im stoped with how to create a subform i have looked at the sample database northwind and i have decided i like how that works when a new invoice is made you can select the product from a drop down ... 25 Mar 2010 17:28
Create a button that prints the selected record of a report
Hi I need to print a record for an individual student. I have created a report that contains the same information as my form. I want to create a button on my form that when clicked on the report for that individual is the one being printed. I also want the button to be able to print all the records for th... 28 Mar 2010 17:53
How do I set it up so that the table and form shows 2 decimal plac
Hi In my database, I have a field that deals with time spent on an activity. The desired time interval is 0.25 for every 15 minutes. For example, if a person spent 30 minutes on an activity, I want 0.5 to be the value. What is the proper way to set this up? I tried Fixed, General, Scientific. The numb... 25 Mar 2010 19:46
Appearance of responses in a list box
Hi there In a multi-select list box, is it possible to change the layout of responses? Currently, the values are separated by a comma (,). Is it possible to change it so that each value selected is on a separate line? Thank you in advance for your help. ... 26 Mar 2010 12:00
Sir There is a problem in creating calculated data type in access 2010. Max size of this data type and what is field type value for this data typethat acdeao support to create this datatype and max sige of this datatype in byte. I want to know also that it contain size also with value in database. Can any one ... 25 Mar 2010 13:49
Why can't I find a table in the lookup wizard?
Using Access 2007, I need to create a lookup field for an existing table, but it is not listed when creating it. ... 25 Mar 2010 11:30
Totals on a Report
I created a report with fields that I would like to have row totals and column totals. For Example: Date field1 field2 field3 xxxxx 7/1 1 5 8 14 7/2 4 10 2 16 5 15 10 30 Please Help. As a side do I change my displa... 24 Mar 2010 04:24
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