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Having problems understanding sub-form selections and uses ofcomb
You will need a third table. Your current table should be WorkshopsAvailable. The third table WorkshopsAttended table will consist of two fields ==ProfileID - Number field type Long (Assumes you have an autonumber field in Profile table ==WorkShopID - Number field type Long ==DateAttended - You now need ... 22 Feb 2010 09:38
Join using LIKE
I have two tables with data that is nearly exact - one table has truncated data: Table 1 BARRICK GOLD CORP DIREXION SHS ETF TR Table 2 BARRICK GOLD CORP COM ISIN# DIREXION SHS ETF TR LARGE CAP BULL 3X SHS I am wanting to join these two tables on the these fields to extract another field. Is this possi... 25 Feb 2010 09:09
How do I retrieve my ID code.I have already registered.
I am trying to put my ID number into my product number area but after registering no code is coming up. What do I do? ... 21 Feb 2010 18:18
Need to determine length of field for query
I need to use a query that will show me in the address field all those records where the address is longer than 35 characters. I want to be able to shorten those to fit in a specific label. I can then use this syntax to also abbreviate city names that are too long for the label -- Barry ... 20 Feb 2010 18:01 Kit completo deSolenóides ( solenoid ) + chicote Para Câmbio automatico 01M hidramatico Audi A3 Vw Golf gti turbo 76847
Contato: marvendas(a) marvendas @ marvendas no Kit completo de solen�ides para Volkswagem e Audi. O kit cont�m: 5 solen�ides 2 Epc ( solenoides de press�o ) 1 Chicote Serve para qualquer modelo VW ou Audi fabricados de 1995 at� hoje com o cambio autom�tico de 4 marchas � 01M Pre�o: R$ ... 19 Feb 2010 21:07
Forms Option Group
I have created a Option Group in a form. The form is linked to a query but I would like the users selection of the Option Group to update a table. Is that possible? ... 19 Feb 2010 18:53
Combining two fields in a table
I have a 5-digit zip field and a 4-digit plus-4 field. I created in my table a 10 digit newzip field, so that combining these two make a 9-digit zip that looks like this: 60016-2345. I have no problem creating this in a query, but I want this to be in a table, and then I will delete the existing zip and the plus... 19 Feb 2010 00:03
Forms Drop down list
I created a form that works from a table. From the form you can enter information and it will put it into the table. I would like to create a field in the form where the user can selects what to be inputed from a drop downlist. how would I do that? ... 18 Feb 2010 17:22
Forms Field List
I am using a form that someone else had created but I wanted to add a check box to it. I added a field in the souce table but when I go to the form in design view the new field is not listed. What am I doing wrong? ... 18 Feb 2010 13:59
hours, minutes, seconds
I am new to Access. I need a field in my database that records the duration of an event in hours, minutes, and seconds. I will then need to determine the average of these events I tried using a "General Date" field with a "h:n:s" format. That seemed to record the times okay but I couldn't get the report t... 18 Feb 2010 18:30
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