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Tool Bars
Hi, I am nearly finished doing my database, and the only thing i have left is to try and get rid of the "boarder" around the database (not sure if that is what you call it). I want the "microsoft button" and the home tool bar to disapear so that the user can just see the "database" and not the boarder around ... 24 Mar 2010 13:32
Tickler system
One time I used an Autoexec marco to open form with query to show all not complete items sorted ascending. I used my Windows Start menu to open the database. -- Build a little, test a little. "Reen" wrote: How do you set up a tickler (reminder) system in access? Thank you. ... 24 Mar 2010 00:02
Backend Crash Access 2007
One of our Access 2007 databases seems to have encountered some difficulties with crashing. There are 18 users, and approximately 75000 unique records. This morning the backend crashed and displayed the following error message: unrecognized database format '\\r5\accumteam\prod2010\clmd_be.accdb' r5 is the se... 29 Mar 2010 19:14
e-mailing a table
You can't email an individual table, but there are many other options. 1. You could export that table as its own database then email it. 2. You could export the table as an Excel worksheet and email it. 3. Depending on the version of Access, you could print it as a PDF file and email it. The second option... 23 Mar 2010 11:20
Events template - Access 2007
Hi After experimenting with Access for a few weeks, etc I am now using the Events template to create a database of events... but things are not working as I expected. Here is what I have done so far: I added fields to the Events Table (in Supporting Objects) - things like "Date of Event" "Catering Option" an... 23 Mar 2010 09:00
Problem Generating Key
Thanks to all who gave me some great ideas. I have a lot to learn and appreciate your assistance Wes ... 22 Mar 2010 23:02
Problem Generating Key = reprise
has anybody had a chance to take a look at my posting on 3/19 at 8:13 P.M. I find it strange that I get a space added to my variable After retrieving the highest key, I pick up the last 4 characters and add 1 intNewKey = Int(Mid(strMax, 3, 4)) + 1 ' pick up the last 4 bytes and increment [ IntNewkey 100... 23 Mar 2010 07:52
Access 2007 - Select Max
I want to retrieve the current maximum value of a numeric field in an Access 2007 table. I am writing the function in C#. I have a select string as follows: "SELECT LedgerReference, MAX(LedgerReference) FROM tblLedgerData GROUP BY LedgerReference"; Although it appears to work, i.e. it doesn't crash, it d... 22 Mar 2010 18:06
How do you create a formula subtracting 1 field into a 2nd field
I am trying to subtract example Billed $ -Paid $ = Saving $ ... 22 Mar 2010 11:53
Sorting records based on a couple or many criteria items from
This was exactly what I needed - thank you! "KenSheridan via" wrote: That shouldn't be a problem. The trick is to test for a match in each combo box OR the combo box being NULL. This in effect makes selecting a value in each combo box optional. Eleven combo boxes should not cause any ... 22 Mar 2010 10:32
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