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Display data in the form using the tables
Is it possible to Display data in the form using the tables as the back-end database.if so ,please provide me any examples.... thanks in advance. ... 25 Apr 2010 20:06
open query from Switchboard
I have set up two queries so that we can do a mail (email) merge with Word 2007 - one for mailing to individuals, the other to organisations. I would now like to add "shortcuts"/ "commands" (or whatever the proper term is!) to the Contacts Switchboard so that it opens the queries to set the process in motion. ... 23 Apr 2010 10:46
setting up
I am using the education template for a vocational training school. I have put all the information into the profile for a student. I want to be able to list all the courses that one student has taken. I also want to be able to pull up a roster per course from the student profiles. I have been able to pull u... 22 Apr 2010 02:03
Product table
Ok sorry i am very new to access. i am trying to create a database for the small company i work for. We have products that have manufacturer dates. So i can have one particular product code with many manufacturer or batch dates in stock. how do i create a table or relationship that shows one product with many b... 21 Apr 2010 14:40
How do i regulate which programs are activated at startup?
How do I control which programs are activated when the computer is turned on?... 21 Apr 2010 12:35
Basic Form Examples in Access.
hi, i m very new to access. I want to Learn Access from the very basic. I just need some help in creating forms & retrieving data into form using tables queries & forms. I had created a Contacts_table containing field which i entered the data using the Form into the table. I want to Create a form from which ... 23 Apr 2010 08:41
how do I attach a value to a check box in access 2007?
In a database, there are several items in a single row that may or may not be listed as yes/no in a checkbox format. When I transfer the information from said database into a report, I filter the results to list only the items that were checked "yes". Is it possible that the items that were checked "yes" coul... 28 Apr 2010 17:28
Let me explain... I need a database with contact names and then which type of group they are part of. 1. I created a table with ContactID (fields with name, address) 2. I created a table with GroupID (fields with speaker, author, media) 3. I selected lookup wizard as the data type in ContactID and then selec... 18 Apr 2010 16:25
New User- Is this possible in excel or access?
Hi, I'm not sure if this is the correct forum to be asking this question, but I hope still to be able to get some help. I work for a photography place at a golf course where we take pictures of each group of golfers and then sell the pictures at the end of their round. I want to have a database that contain... 19 Apr 2010 06:23
redo my design
I'm trying to build a database with minimal working knowledge of Access so even though I've been through the tutorial it seems way more complicated then what I need. I have a list of people's name for an annual event and basically need an address book for mailing labels but I need to be able to sort them for ab... 18 Apr 2010 16:25
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