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Relationships, duplicate values
Hi, I'm getting the common message "The changes you requested to the table were not successful because they would create duplicate values...." I think my table relationships are causing this and don't know how to get around. I have 4 tables: tblCustomer, tblWorkOrder, tblClientBuildings and tblClientBuildContacts... 7 Mar 2010 21:48
Does any one know of a template for purchases, business card siz
I would like to be able to have a business card size card that I can punch the amount of purchase for my customers. After they make a certain amount of purchases I would collect them and they would receive a discount on their next purchase or a free item. ... 7 Mar 2010 19:36
On Cursor Hover Quastion
Access 2007 sp2 I have command button's Cursor On Hover property set to Hyperlink Hand. On the same form I have a date field. After choosing a date from the date picker and then move the mouse pointer over the command button the hyperlink hand doesn't appear. In other words the mouse pointer remains as a pointer... 5 Mar 2010 19:38
Query/subquery in form
I have a form with a query listed in a "list" box. The query has a sub-query with a linked field. When I run the query by itself, the "+" shows up and I can "drill down". When I run the form, the "+" will not show up on the form. Can you not have this option on a form? Thanks ... 5 Mar 2010 19:38
Convert Julian to Date
Hi and TIA! I've researched and tried many many conversion functions but none give me the results. One Example Public Function JDatetoDate(MyDate As Integer) As Date JDatetoDate = DateAdd("d", Right(MyDate, 3) - 1, "01/01/" & Left(year(Now()), 3) & Left(MyDate, 1)) End Function ?JDatetoDate(8044... 5 Mar 2010 01:49
Check Control if Visible or hidden
Hello All, How can I check thru code, if a control on the form is visible or it's hidden? Thanks in advance Abe ... 4 Mar 2010 18:05
tabbed forms - tab 3 link to tab 2
I am using a tabbed form. Tab A is based on ProjectTable with PK=ProjID Tab B is based on ProjectDescTable with PK= ProjDescID and links to ProjectTable with a field for ProjID. Tab B's child field is ProjID and mother field is from Tab A's PK field. Tab C is based on ProjTasksTable with PK=ProjTaskID and links ... 4 Mar 2010 18:05
dividing lines
I have made a continueous form in Access and when I switch to the print preview, I can see the dividing lines on the screen. However when I print the form, the dividing lines do not appear on the paper. I use Office 2007 with SP2. When I perform the same actions on a machine with Office 2007 SP1, the dividing... 5 Mar 2010 00:45
Disallow field sorting by users
I'm using Access 2007. My subform is shown in datasheet view. The field captions on the datasheet contains the standrd Access 2007 dropdown option to sort on the field but I want to disable this and kind cannot find a way to do so. I got rid of the filter option on that dropdown by seting the Allow Filters p... 4 Mar 2010 07:51
How do I add a record counter to my form
I would like to add my own record counter, like "Record # of #", to my form. How can I do this? ... 9 Mar 2010 14:40
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