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Using Findfirst recordset to search memo field type
Can anyone enlighten me on why this won't work? I'm using findfirst to search for a call phrase in a memo field, phrases listed in the callphrases table. It worked once!! and then stopped...any help is appreciated, using Access 2007 Dim db As Database, strsql As String, rst As Recordset Set db = CurrentDb Set ... 8 Apr 2010 12:37
Referencing Forms
I have a main form with a subform. On the main form is a command button that opens a pop-up form with unbound fields. I use these fields as Search fields to build a SQL and apply it as the recordsource of the subform The following codes works well and fast. I want to use the pop-up form on several other main... 3 Apr 2010 23:38
inserting a new record from a pop-up, and returning to the main form at that record.
I have some code that reads: go to next record, if the next record is a new record, based on the value of the previous record, assign a specific value to a particular field OR open a modal form that offers some choices for the value to be assigned in both cases, if the new value is "X" , assign the new value ... 3 Apr 2010 12:37
Selective use of Spellchecker to ignore forename
I use a standard spell checker routine on various forms to check selected controls only. This is based on standard code : DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdSpelling in a subroutine SpellCheckControl ========================================= Public Sub SpellCheckControl(ctlSpell As Control) DoCmd.SetWarnings Fals... 3 Apr 2010 20:21
Format in Message Box
I have a Message Box that is composed like... strMsg = "county : " & cboCounty & vbCrLf & ... etc MsgBox strMsg & vbInformation and looks like... County : Manitoulin Regional Manager : Joe McGuiness Code : A45-X This may be really picky, but I'd l... 3 Apr 2010 09:19
cant find field
Why does form!frmHealthstatssecondcheck!cmbmembername.visible = true give me this error cant find the field cmbmembername referred to in your expression. cmbmembername is not a field it is a combo box on form frmhealthstatssecondcheck ... 2 Apr 2010 18:12
References are not working across computers
I have developed a custom MDB file in Access 2003 that uses a few controls like: OWC11.DLL ComCTL32.OCX MSCOMCTL.OCX MSCOMCT2.OCX and so on. My network is growing and more and more apps are getting installed and computers are now ranging from Windows 2000 to Windows 7 64 Bit. This is causing some issue... 6 Apr 2010 11:56
Access import CSV file with comma issue
Hello, I work a lot with importing the csv file into the database. The annoying problem I have is when there is a comma in a csv file, it screw up the import. I am not sure whether I shuld do anything in the Access, or doing in the csv file itself. Basically, I have another program that generates the csv fi... 6 Apr 2010 14:12
Opening a blank form
Hi guys, I created a form to consult data, the record source is a query that gather information from different tables, the problem is when I open the form it shows data already, I want a blank form when it opens, I already tried including DoCmd.GoToRecord , , acNewRecord in the open from event, but I get “Yo... 1 Apr 2010 15:47
Print Powerpoint pres
Trying to print out this powerpoint pres. I referenced the Office and PPt libraries but still get nothing...not even an error message. Dim stPath As String Dim ppApp As PowerPoint.Application Dim ppPres As PowerPoint.Presentation ' stPath = "S:\Civil_Engineering_Squadron_(CES)\CES_Environmen... 1 Apr 2010 14:39
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