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How to find the name of the present subform
Thank you, Douglas It worked well. I actually tried the same at first but failed to get the result until you pointed that i should put the subform name in quotes. Thanks a lot and lot -- from chanakya Baruva ... 31 Mar 2010 00:04
Connection string for passthrough query on windows 7 64 bit???
Using Access 2003 I've been able to use passthrough queries to sql server 2005 for a long time. In setting up a windows 7 64 bit workstation I'm having issues that I can't resolve so far. Normally a connections string like this would work: ODBC;Driver={SQL Native Client};Server=blink \sqlexpress;Database=myd... 9 Apr 2010 12:17
Calculating comboboxes
I have a form that has two fields that are not calculating right. [RemoteNumberHours] = 0.25 [NumberPCS] = 1 Code behind: =[RemoteNumberHours]*[RemotePCS] This should work, but it is giving me a total of 1 instead of 0.25. What am I doing wrong? Thanks Linda ... 29 Mar 2010 17:00
Sort with Listbox Selection On Top
Hi, I have a listbox. When I select an item in the listbox, I would like subform1 to sort column1 with the selection from listbox on top. For example, when I select Pennsylvania from the listbox- it will update subform1 to, while still retaining all of the records, but all records with "Pennsylvania" listed in... 29 Mar 2010 17:00
Change Field BackColours When A Tickbox Is True
Hi I am trying to figure out how to change certain fields when a tickbox is ticked to the value of True. My Tickbox is named WDAccessed. I have tried the following; Private Sub WDAccessed_Click() If Me![WDAccessed] = True Then Me![FullName.BackColour] = 255 Colour Red Me![WorkDue... 29 Mar 2010 14:45
Certain Form Load According to Combo Box...
You've set up the tables according to your wish to use ID's instead of strings well done. Now don't get caught in setting up the table twice. In the example you describe below i see two tables which hold the same data that shouldn't be the case and is redundant. Let's go here: Your form has a combo called:... 29 Mar 2010 09:08
Frustrating Backcolor issue
Had to be something. Thanks a stack Linq "Linq Adams via" wrote: In addition to James' workaround, this hotfix for the 2007 SP2 corrects the problem. -- There's ALWAYS more than one way to skin a cat! Answers/posts based on Acc... 28 Mar 2010 16:47
Create A Search Field on a Form
I have a form that allows the user to add a new record. Now I want to allow the user the capability to change a record in the database, when necessary. I want to create a search (or filter) on my date field. Do I need to create a new form or can I use the same form for adding? Also how do I create the search... 29 Mar 2010 12:30
open a form at a certain time
I have a form that has a "time" field set to a numeric value. The user inputs a value in this field that is actually a "minute" value that is required by the user for the program to trigger a reminder form to open. ie. they set the value to 15 if they want to be reminded in 15 minutes etc. Once this setting is mad... 28 Mar 2010 12:23
automate copying text in Word doc to Access db
I'm having trouble with the following process: Access 2003 Database: WordDocImport.mdb Table: WordDocText Field_A: text field link/hyperlink to a MSWord document: C:\demowordfile.doc - The document contains no fields and is merely text Field_B: memo field currently empty Need to: In a macro automate the pro... 30 Mar 2010 15:01
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