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Working days inbetween 2 dates where Friday is the only holiday
I want to do a solution to find total working days inbetween 2 dates where Friday is the only holiday in a week, on a form following are the fields : StartDate - To enter the start date EndDate - To enter the end date WorkingDays - To obtain the result of the total working days except fridays TotalFriday -... 17 May 2010 08:01
updating table from recrodset
I am populating a form from a sqlserver2005 view using ADO. In the form there are 5 fields that are allowing the user to enter (or update) information in. The form is a continuous form. There could be times when the user will update more then 1 of the records at a time. I would be adding a SAVE button that ... 17 May 2010 05:52
Filter Subform
Hi all, I have table in subform control which i have put on a Form call "Main Form". Table name is "Data" and Subform name is "Data Subform". On the Form "Main Form" just above from subform control i have also put unbound Textbox control which i call "txtSrch". I just want some kind of code or way that when ever ... 16 May 2010 05:57
Alternate row color for combo box
Please advice how to make the alternate row color of a combo box. I mean one row white the next yellow, next row white, next row yellow color and so on. I am using Access 2000 Regards Irshad ... 16 May 2010 02:44
Stopwatch Form -- on a Continuous Form
I am able to create the stopwatch form at: What I am trying to do is the same, except it is on a continuous form. So if it is a task form and there are five tasks, each form would have a seperate stopwatch, to include a bound field for the ElapsedTime. The idea is to rec... 16 May 2010 22:21
I need to populate a sub-form field from the original form
I can't see how to do this. I want to be able to be in form1 and then if I need to use sub-form1, I want to be able to click on the sub-form button and the Primary field be autofilled from form1. For instance, Member ID is the primary key in form1. When I open sub-form1, I want the Member ID to populate in th... 14 May 2010 22:41
Combobox custom forecolor
I have a multiple column combobox for which I have set the forecolor property to a custom color. However, the combobox list displays black and when a selection is made, the bound entry is also black. Is it possible to customize the list and item selection forecolor? ... 14 May 2010 19:26
import text file
I would like to import a text file in to my table. Is it possible to use append query? If yes, how can I specify the field name in to my table? If not, are there any solution for this? Your information is great appreciated, ... 14 May 2010 15:02
Email problem
Hi there, I am getting an error stating User-defined type not defined when running the following code. I have activated References for Microsoft Office 12.0 Object Library as well as Microsoft Access 12.0 Object Library. This is in Access 2007, and off a command button called cmd_Email Sub cmd_Email_Click()... 15 May 2010 08:17
what's wrong with before update event procedure
Hi, here is my code event procedure for a check box. I want to allow some users to change its state and to prevent otheres from change it. Is there any way I can ban that SendKeys "{ESC}" line? That line is the only way it works not ending in the loop (you press anything on the form, msgbox pops up again), b... 24 May 2010 06:53
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