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Using text field to display images on a form or report
I was going to use attachments to do this instead of a text field but after rummaging around here I have nod decided to use a text field. Access knows where it started up from. Can this information be used in a way that the image file can be accessed relative to where access started up in order to be able to m... 25 May 2010 08:02
Custom Record Selector Controls that don't work like the built-in ones
Hello, I've created my on 'Previous' and "Next' controls for record selecting over Access's built-in record selectors.because I wanted to get rid of (hide) the selector bar at the bottom of my form. My controls work fine up until I add a new record (using a custom control for that too). Once I add a new record,... 24 May 2010 04:45
Need to change Data Entry to "No"
Hello, I have a form called "frm_AddRegistration" and it's Data Entry setting set to "Yes" in it's form properties. I access this form through the Switchboard in Add Mode. If I wanted to open this same form and change it's Data Entry setting to "No" by using a command button on a different form (other than... 23 May 2010 00:42
Check for duplicates with multiple criteria
My table contains a field labled "Case Number" and another field labled "Date Completed". I have created an input form and included code to check for duplicate case numbers. A msgbox appears with a warning. I would like the code to check for a duplicate case number and then check the "Date Completed" field ... 23 May 2010 13:35
How do I call a procedure in Main form from sub-form?
Hi, I'm trying to call a procedure that resideds in the main from teh sub-form. Here is the code in the main form: Public Sub Check_Batch_Balance() If IsNumeric(Me.txtDif) And Me.txtDif = 0 Then Me.txtOutOfBalance.Visible = False Else Me.txtOutOfBalance.Visible = True End If ... 22 May 2010 18:13
Referring to text control in a form
Access 2007 I have a series of unbound combo list boxes on a data input form: Material01 Material02 Material03 etc - up to 10 One of the items listed is "Other" When the operator selects "Other" I would like them to enter a description in an existing unbound text box alongside the Combo list. These text boxes ... 23 May 2010 17:58
Bound Form Search
Hi, I have a form that is bound to a table (tblPatient). I have tried using CRTL F as the method of searching the table. It does not work well moving off the search field after a find and other issues. I have tried adding the following code to allow a search on the MEDICARE field in the table, but the for... 22 May 2010 22:33
Display msg when value chgs to zero.
Hi, I'm running Access via XP Office Pro under Windows 7. Background ------------------- We are working on creating a cash receipt form. Checks are group into "batches" of 20 checks. Someone adds up the checks using a calcuator. The total from the calculator is called the "batch control total". The c... 22 May 2010 20:22
Display data in a subform
I have a many-to-many relationship on the database. For each member of the database, they can attend many outings. As a result, there is a tblAttendees that links the member ID in the member table to the Outing ID of the outing table. When the user brings up the Outing form, they can add members to attend the ou... 23 May 2010 01:46
Using atachment fields in a form
Is there a way that an atachment be changed or added in a form? I have a table that uses atachments and would like to be able to change out the atachment or add an attachment while in form view. The only option that shows up in form view is "View" and not "Add" or "Edit". The only place that add or edit shows... 21 May 2010 15:03
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