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how to trap the sort event?
Hello everybody Situation: the user press the option [A->Z] on a column of a datasheet form. Is there a way to trap the sort event before it's applied so let me CHANGE THE SORT CRITERIA on the fly and then continue the sorting? Thanks in advance ... 20 May 2010 15:01
list box remove item
I have a list box which datasource link to a query. I would like to remove item when user click a button to add this item in another list. It seems that I need delete physical records to remove the item in the list box. If I am right, the only possibility is to use value list ad datasource, but not a table or a... 20 May 2010 13:54
Cant get reference to subform properties in VBA
Because i cant get allen brownes "LockBoundControls" to work with this form. (although it works wonderfully for me in many other instances) I would like to disable the record selectors or possibly the allow additions to prevent copying and pasting a new record to a locked form wich then locks access because of ... 24 May 2010 20:11
Reminder - Microsoft Responds to the Evolution of Community
Microsoft Office Evolves Community as Part of Office 2010 Launch: As you know, this is a big year for Microsoft as we are launching the latest version of Office. Office 2010 is all about making it easy for you to get and use Office on your terms. Office 2010 lets you work from the office, from home, or at s... 23 May 2010 22:19
Getting the auto generated number.
Hi All, I'm inserting a record into a table and have one field using the auto number. I need to get this number so I can email it. I'm using the code below to do this and it works fine. I just wanted to see if there is a better way of doing this. Thanks for the input! vSQL = "SELECT audit_history.audit_... 20 May 2010 11:40
DSum and Dlookup issue
Hello, I have a form that is looks up data based on dates. I want the form to be kept open and for users to be able to keep changing the dates to get the data they are looking for. I have a StartDate and FinishDate box as well as the query behind the form has dates. I have this so far but am getting numbers... 20 May 2010 15:01
How to Show Form ComboBox value into other Form Label caption
Hi all, I got two forms in database. 1st form name is "F_Login" and 2nd form name is "F_Main". How can I put "F_Login" ComboBox value into "F_Main" Label. I tried below code but I am getting error. Please can any friend help me on this. On form "F_Main" Load event I put below code Me.Label28.Caption = "Cur... 20 May 2010 07:17
archiving data
I have a spreadsheet that lists serial numbers. I can import that into a tmp table in access, but what i need to do is search my main serialnumber table and find all instances of the data and append it to an archive table and then delete the data from the main table. I have a query that inner joins a temp tabl... 22 May 2010 16:03
FRUSTRATED: Enable field depending on value of another
Hi, I have the following three subs (amongst others): Private Sub Form_Current() If Trim(Title.Value) = "Other" Then TitleOther.Enabled = True TitleOther.SetFocus Else TitleOther.Enabled = False End If If MedicalAid = "OTHER" Then MedicalAidOther.Enabled... 20 May 2010 10:34
Sharing VBA Code between Word and Access 2007
I want to share code (e.g., functions and programming notes to myself) between my Access and Word. How is that done? ... 20 May 2010 12:47
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