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BSOD 0x0000000A
I recently left to school and had my computer on to install updates but when I came back and wiggled my mouse to wake up my monitor something went blue for a second and the computer restarted and went into the BSOD with the error IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (0x00000000, 0X00000002, 0x00000001 0x805DC11D) I am not ... 22 Apr 2010 08:16
Giving Dell Laptop to friend, question about reinstalling Windows XP
I'm giving a my old laptop to my friend but first I want to reinstall Windows XP so all my data will be wiped. I bought the laptop used, so it didn't come with an OS DVD. I searched through my stuff and managed to find the Operating System DVD for my old computer which the disc to install Windows XP Media Center 20... 27 Apr 2010 17:57
What is the best procedure for Getting a valid COA/License for a XP SP1 system.
Robert J. Stevens wrote: I need to find out the best procedure for Getting a valid COA/License for a XP SP1 system. I've checked E-Bay but maybe dealing directly with M/S would be best Not sure you can, anymore - for Windows XP. Assuming you are doing this because it is counterfeit/bad... http://www.mic... 21 Apr 2010 14:40
Open File Security Warning
I get the error when I open Adobe Photoshop or Bridge. The error says “This file does not have a valid digital signature. I have had these programs on this machine for at least 2 years. It has been running fine, but today when ever I try to open it I get this error. I also have Adobe Lightroom, but I do not ... 21 Apr 2010 04:18
Windows Explorer - Thumbnails
Try 3D Thumbnail Generator to create impressive 3D thumbnails. ... 20 Apr 2010 09:18
Something's running every half hour.
I noticed that while watching a streaming movie, that every half hour, the movie stutters, and the audio gets out of synch with the video. This happens at 1:00, 1:30, 2:00, etc... on every half hour. This seems to be some program, is running in the background every half hour, and uses enough system resources ... 22 Apr 2010 11:24
Hi, I'm not sure where to post this question, so I started it here. Windows XP sp3, under SERVICES, I found a new unidentified service named: VIVWFIOSAZP.EXE. The only thing I can see is that this exe file is in a temp directory: C:\DOCUME~1\Britt\LOCALS~1\Temp\VIVWFLIOSARZP.exe I have no idea what this ser... 24 Apr 2010 20:33
since yesterday when ever i try and open an icon on my desk top this message comes up windows cannot access the specified file, pathway you may not have permission to access it? what does this mean and how do i fix it???? Also about a week ago when i was on the internet these system messages kept coming up s... 20 Apr 2010 16:33
Non-destructive System Restore
After I did the non-destructive system restore I have two disk structures, the new one and also "My old disk structure". Can all this "old" stuff be deleted? It's taking up twice as much space on my computer? ... 19 Apr 2010 17:48
Cursor Jumpy Movements
WinXP full patched and updated. Cursor started moving around somewhat spasmodically last week, but after a reboot it stopped. Started again yesterday and will not stop. Does this whether or not a mouse of any type (wireless, USB, etc.)is plugged in at all. Also starting today, upon reboot the OEM (Gateway) ... 19 Apr 2010 16:46
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