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Using onboard sound card
For a long time,I have been using Creative sound card.Now, I want to use in-built sound card on my mother board.But,it is not visible in device manager.How to install it and use both hte sound cards? ... 5 Apr 2010 11:39
Safe mode (and variations) and Last known good config not working
Dell C521 running XP Pro (SP3) got hit by fake anti-vir malware (XP defender 2010 I believe). Followed all advice from forums but could not rid the PC of this and attempted a repair install. Now I cannot get into any of the Safe Mode options and Last Known Good Config just sends me round in a loop i.e. I get ... 5 Apr 2010 07:13
System Restore
Win XP Pro SP3 and updates. I have been "hijacked" by XP Antispyware. Despite all my efforts to get rid of it it keeps coming back. avdotexe seems to be the culprit and despite using Malwarebytes, Spybot Search and Destroy and SUPERAntiSpyware the damned malware keeps coming back. I am starting to despair of ge... 7 Apr 2010 04:37
Downsizing from Windows 7 to XP Pro
I recently bought a laptop it has Windows 7 on it I dont like it. when I put in the XP disc it said compatibility issues. What do I need to do to get rid of Win 7 and put on XP Pro? ... 12 Apr 2010 11:27
anti virus software recomendations [sic]
On Thu, 1 Apr 2010 17:39:01 -0400, David H. Lipman <DLipman~nospam~@Verizon.Net> articulated: Honestly -- many in the anti malware industry don't trust their tests. I pay no attention to undocumented claims. Would you like to list those "many" so others can investigate the accuracy of their claims? -- Ca... 2 Apr 2010 07:07
Desktop shortcuts not working
ebarbero did you resolve this issue? My laptop is now having this same problem -- cartey ------------------------------------------------------------------------ cartey's Profile: View this thread: http://forums.t... 1 Apr 2010 11:17
anti virus software recomendations
Hi all I need to buy some new virus software for my win xp computer, I have done some research on two typs. One is "Norton internet security 2010" and the other is "Kaspersky internet security 2010". With Norton it seems to be excelent with better resources (not using loads of pc resources) than previous ve... 4 Apr 2010 14:52
"Invalid" disk message when starting Windows
I have an external hard-drive (Western Digital My Book) attached to my PC. Every time I restart the computer, I get the "invalid disk" message. I have to unplug the external hard-drive before Windows can start. Are there anything that I can do to resolve this problem ? Like changing the boot sequence or something like... 1 Apr 2010 16:54
XP problems when installing AVG 9
I'm having problems also with installing AVG 9 my error that i'm getting is " error with licence" what does this mean... can someone please help Regards -- tupence13 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ tupence13's Profile: View t... 1 Apr 2010 09:03
svchost application error at startup
I am getting this error message at startup: svchost.exe - application error instruction at "0x71ab6a55 " referanced memory at "0x71ab6a55" the memory could not be written. Click OK to terminate. When I do I get: Explorer.exe - application error instruction at "0x10007786 " referanced memory at "0x71ab4a07" th... 31 Mar 2010 19:58
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