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X and input devices
My DVB card's remote control presents itself as an input device. Unfortunately X seems to think it's an extra keyboard, which causes problems, and I can't find a way to get X to ignore it. I thought if I specified Option "Device" in the keyboard InputDevice section it might make it use only the proper keyboard, but... 6 Dec 2008 20:14
New Printer woes
I've just got a brand new Xerox Phaser 6110N colour printer. I was able to install the Xerox drivers but when trying to connect the printer with linux-config (as root) I get the error: add-printer failed: client-error-not-authorized This is true even if I try to tell it to print to file. However, using my... 3 Dec 2008 17:38
Synaptics touchpad via bluetooth?
Wotcher all, I've got a bluetooth keyboard with what appears to be a synaptics touchpad on it, however it's not showing up as one in any devices listings I can find, just a generic keyboard and mouse via HID. I've tried the synaptics USB driver modules but they can't find the device either, has anyone got any expe... 3 Dec 2008 17:38
Thunderbird error message...
This isn't really a Linux questions but contributors to this group are always helpful, so I'll take my chance that it is acceptable. I have a friend who still uses WindowsXP but I've weaned him away from Outlook Express to Thunderbird. When trying to send mail the following messages is generated. Alert! An e... 4 Dec 2008 05:05
Sarge -> Lenny, or Etch first?
I've a couple of remote boxes running Debian Sarge that I've decided to upgrade.. I've not had any real issues in the when upgrading servers in the past using dist-upgrade, but I've never done 2 release upgrades in one step before - anyone now if it's a good thing, or bad thing? Cheers, Gordon ... 3 Dec 2008 09:19
DTP table layout - using linux software of course
I want to create a DTP layout (actually a personalised year planner). Until now (for the last 10+) I've done it in MS Publisher. It's done as two tables, layered over each other. The bottom table is the days/months grid, and the top table is my own notes etc. I tried doing this in Scribus, but the first hurdle is... 2 Dec 2008 11:22
Comic Relief 2009 - A call for programmers
On 2008-10-10, Geoffrey Clements <geoffrey.clementsNO(a)> wrote: "chris" <ithinkiam(a)> wrote in message news:gcn68m$nms$1(a) This sounds like a great idea. I'd be up for it. The biggest difficulty will be controlling how long people code for. Obviously... 30 Nov 2008 20:13
Text only apps
On 2008-09-08, Paul Potter <pryan_st(a)> wrote: Folderol wrote: On Sun, 07 Sep 2008 22:11:00 +0100 Paul Potter <pryan_st(a)> wrote: This is more of a retro project, hence the simpleness of what I'm after. Sounds like you're an old BBC BASIC user - I was at one time. ... 1 Dec 2008 04:08
Linux on the BBC
On 2008-09-24, Tony Houghton <h(a)> wrote: I know all that, but "ordinary people" don't seem to care about the horrible quoting etc. In non-techy groups you're likely to get flamed for *not* top-posting! As they say on Wikipedia, 'citation needed'. I'd love to see some examples of people getting f... 30 Nov 2008 20:13
Thunderbird sticks on sending usenet messages
Have just 'upgraded' the system to T'bird and *buntu Hardy Heron. Having problems sending usenet messages. T'bird just sticks on the 'sending unsent messages'. Closing and restarting T'bird sometimes gives the message that T'bird process is still running and I need to log out and in again. Some of my ... 2 Dec 2008 06:45
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